Headquarters Office Address

1537 Chestnut Grove Road
Dover, DE 19904-1544

Headquarters Office Phone Numbers

Administration: 302-739-5665

Investigations: 302-739-4447

Technical Services: 302-739-4394

Quality Assurance Program: 302-739-4394

Information & Technology: 302-739-5665

Fax: 302-739-3696

Juvenile Firesetters Intervention Program: 302-739-4447

Day Care Inspections Program: 302-323-5365

False Fire Alarm Program: 302-323-5365

Health Care Inspections Program: 302-323-5365

Hardwired Smoke Detector Program: 302-323-5365


Deputy Fire Marshals:

Fire Protection Specialists:

Quality Assurance Program:


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