Office of the
State Fire Marshal

Fire Protection Systems Plan Submittals

Is your fire protection plan drawn to scale; unique and exclusive of all other plans (including electrical, mechanical, and plumbing plans); and does it include the following information?

  • Name and address of building
  • Plan date
  • Owner of the building
  • Name and address of applicant submitting plans
  • Licensed company’s name
  • Licensed company’s address
  • Licensed company’s phone number
  • Licensed company’s SFMO license number
  • Certificate Holder’s name
  • Certificate Holder’s signature
  • Certificate Holder’s SFMO Certificate Number
  • Reflected ceiling plan indicating device locations
  • Cross section plan of building including concealed spaces (attics, crawl spaces, etc.) and
  • All other information as required by the applicable NFPA documents, as adopted and/or modified by the Delaware State Fire Prevention Regulations.

Do you have the following items ready for submittal?

  • One (1) copy of your fire protection system plans, calculations, and specifications
  • Application for Fire Protection Plan Review
  • Fire Protection System Plan Review Fee: Multiply the construction costs by $0.007 for the first million, and $0.003 over the first million (check, money order, or cashier’s check made payable to State of Delaware) NO CASH. A minimum $150.00 Fire Protection System Plan Review Fee is required for any plan submittal.

Additional Forms

*Fire Suppression System Installation Certificate (refer to the appropriate NFPA Standard Form)

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