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Office of the
State Fire Marshal

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Explosives Use & Transportation

Explosives Use & Transportation Permit Blasting / Explosive Permit to Use Application Blasting / Explosive Permit to Transport Application Regulation 704, Chapter 3 Explosives, Ammunition, Blasting Agents Delaware Blaster’s License Attention Licensed Blasters Application for Blaster’s License Exam Application for Blaster’s License Renewal

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Fireworks: Display Permits & Licensing

The Delaware Office of the State Fire Marshal reminds all citizens and visitors of Delaware that fireworks can cause serious injuries or death. Projectiles from exploded fireworks can cause eye injuries, burns, and amputations of fingers. An estimated 11,900 people were treated in the nation’s hospitals in 2015 for injuries related to the use of […]

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Headquarters / Kent Division Contact Information

Headquarters Office Address 1537 Chestnut Grove Road Dover, DE 19904-1544 State Location Mail Code: D-180 Headquarters Office Phone Numbers Administration: 302-739-5665 Technical Services: 302-739-4394 Information & Technology: 302-739-5665 Juvenile Firesetters Intervention Program: 302-257-3075 False Fire Alarm Program: 302-739-4394 Investigations: 302-739-4447 Quality Assurance Program: 302-739-4394 Fax: 302-739-3696 Day Care Inspections Program: 302-856-5298 Health Care Inspections Program: […]

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