Office of the
State Fire Marshal

Kitchen Hood Suppression Fire Protection System Plan Submittals

A kitchen hood suppression fire protection system plan submittal is required for any commercial cooking that produces grease laden vapors. A type 1 hood must be submitted prior to submitting for a hood suppression system. A final acceptance is required prior to the use of the type 1 hood.

Kitchen Hood Suppression Fire Protection System Application

Hood Suppression Certificate of Completion

Please be sure to include the following with your application:

Provide the project name with address and the county tax parcel number.

Is this an application in conjunction with anther SFMO Building Permit? If so, you shall provide Related SFMO Project Review Number in space provided in Section 1.

  • Give a brief description of the scope of work and the hood suppression system manufacturer, and tank size.
  • Provide an installation cost. See below for fee calculations.
  • Provide the System Installer’s information. The System Installer shall have a SFMO License # and/or a SFMO Certificate #.
  • The system owner’s information: equitable owner of the Kitchen Hood Suppression System.
  • The Certificate Holder shall sign and date the application. Without an applicant signature and date, the application is incomplete.

One (1) copy for each system plan drawn to scale and shall be in accordance with NFPA 17A.

  • Floor plan showing the location of the manual actuation.
  • The details on the system shall include the following
    • Description and location of nozzles shall be shown with height.
    • Size, length, and arrangement of connected piping.
  • Information shall be submitted pertaining to the following:
    • The location and function of detection devices
    • Operating devices
    • Electrical circuitry.
    • Equipment specifications.
  • Each page of the plan must be signed by the certificate holder of the licensed company and note the company’s license number and/or certificate holder’s number.

Kitchen Hood Suppression System Plan Review Fee:

For any project less than $21,428.57, a minimum $150.00 fee is required for plan submittal. All others multiply the construction costs by $0.007 for projects up to including the first million. Projects over a million its $7,000 for the first million and the remainder is multiplied by $0.003 added to the $7,000. A check, money order, or cashier’s check payable to the State of Delaware. NO CASH.

The General Contractor shall call for the final inspection, except for a standalone permit.

A Hood Suppression Certificate of Completion must be filled out upon final inspection.