Office of the
State Fire Marshal


The Investigations and Code Enforcement Division of the Office of the State Fire Marshal utilizes our law enforcement certified Deputy Fire Marshals to provide public service and promote life safety by conducting fire and post blast investigations to determine causal factors and the origin of such incidents, identifying incendiary fires and explosions, investigating Arson, detecting and preventing terrorism, pursuing and apprehending those responsible for violating our arson and explosive laws, investigating fatal fire/explosion incidents, assisting the Department of Justice with prosecutions for arson and explosive related offenses, and identifying accidental fire causes to establish proactive preventative measures.

Delaware Legislation / Criminal Code

Deputy Fire Marshals

K9 Accelerant Detection Program

Major Incident Response Team (MIRT)

Jurisdictional Fire Marshals Listing

Fireworks Code

Fire Lane Code

Fire Deaths

Insurance Loss Notification Form

Delaware Crime Stoppers

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