Office of the
State Fire Marshal

Existing Day Care Facility Inspections

Our Day Care Inspector performs annual inspections Statewide on all Group Daycare Homes, Day Care Centers, and other facilities utilized for the supervision of children.

These inspections are conducted to determine compliance with the Delaware State Fire Prevention Regulations, and once approved, the Day Care Inspector provides the approval paperwork to the Office of Child Care Licensing to meet the obligation to approve providers to operate Day Cares in accordance with the guidelines of DELACARE requirements.

Although the requirements of the State Fire Prevention Regulations are enforced statewide, plan reviews and inspection services for Day Care occupancies within the city limits of Wilmington, Newark, Dover, and New Castle are provided by the City Fire Marshal of those jurisdictions.

Day Care Inspections Contact

Thomas G. Kapa , Fire Inspector
22705 Park Ave.
Georgetown, DE
(p) 856-5298
(f) 856-5800

Note: If you are starting a daycare project you may need plan review

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