Office of the
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Delaware Fire Information Reporting System (DFIRS)

What is DFIRS?

In 1972, the President’s Commission on Fire Prevention and Control issued a document entitled, America Burning. This document was the first “in-depth” discussion of this country’s fire problem. The outgrowth of America Burning was the National Fire Prevention and Control Act, Public Law 93-498, which established the National Fire Prevention and Control Administration.

One of the mandates of Public Law 93-498 was the establishment of the National Fire Incident Reporting System. In 1976, six states piloted what was to become the National Fire Incident Reporting System, or NFIRS. The U.S. Fire Administration developed NFIRS as a means of assessing the nature and scope of the fire problem in the U.S. Delaware joined the program and established the Delaware Fire Incident Reporting System in 1977. Since 1977, DFIRS has evolved from a rudimentary paper system to the current NFIRS 5.0 system.

DFIRS Contact Information

David Wilson
1537 Chestnut Grove Road
Dover, DE 19904-1544
Fax: 302-739-3696

DFIRS General Information

Delaware FDID Numbers
Expanded Actions Taken Coding Guide
Expanded Incident Type Coding Guide
Maryland FDIDs
Chester County FDID
Delaware County FDID
Salem County FDID

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