Office of the
State Fire Marshal

Tank Plan Submittals

Tank Application

Is your tank site plan drawn to scale and does it include the following information?

  1. Name and address of building
  2. Plan date
  3. Owner of the building
  4. Name and address of applicant submitting plans
  5. Design Professional’s name & address
  6. Locations of tanks in relation to property lines & buildings
  7. Sizes and capacity of tanks
  8. Products & their classifications in each tank
  9. Locations of fuel dispensing units
  10. Location of Kerosene dispensing units in relation to Gasoline dispensing units
  11. Location of tank fills with API color coding
  12. Location of emergency electrical shut-offs
  13. Location, size, & rating of portable fire extinguishers
  14. Location and type of collision protection
  15. Location of safety signs
  16. Manufacturer’s specifications for dispensing units
  17. Manufacturer’s specifications for fusible/shear links
  18. Manufacturer’s specifications for breakaway connector for each hose

Do you have the following items ready for submittal?

  1. One (1) copy of your tank site plans and specifications
  2. Application for Fire Protection Plan Review
  3. Tank Plan Review Fee: Multiply the construction costs by $0.007 for the first million, and $0.003 over the first million (check, money order, or cashier’s check made payable to State of Delaware) NO CASH. A minimum $150.00 Tank Plan Review Fee is required for any plan submittal.

Installations Required To Be Submitted

All flammable & combustible liquid installations:

  • All flammable & combustible liquid installations
  • All flammable gas installations
  • LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas) installations
    1. Consumer sites having an aggregate water capacity of 1000 gallons or more of above ground tank storage
    2. Portable cylinder exchanges at consumer sites or dispensing stations, where not connected for use, and in storage for resale or exchange by dealer or reseller
    3. Sites & locations where LPG is dispensed by a retail operation to the public, regardless of tank storage capacity.
  • ALL Compressed gasses and cryogenic fluids

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