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Office of the
State Fire Marshal

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Fire Suppression Systems: Special Hazards

Licensing Licensing Information & References: Fire Suppression Systems: In House Fire Suppression Systems: Public Fire Suppression License Listings: Quality Assurance Forms

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Fire Protection Systems Plan Submittals

Is your fire protection plan drawn to scale; unique and exclusive of all other plans (including electrical, mechanical, and plumbing plans); and does it include the following information? Do you have the following items ready for submittal? Additional Forms *Fire Suppression System Installation Certificate (refer to the appropriate NFPA Standard Form)

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Plan Review & Inspections

Plan Review Site Plan Submittals Building Plan Submittals Fire Protection Systems Plan Submittals Guidance for Existing Fire Alarm Systems Change of FAS Service Form Guidance for Existing Fire Suppression Systems Licensed Public Fire Protection Companies & Testing Applications Quality Assurance Program Fire Protection Systems Licensing Requirements & Quality Assurance Forms Preliminary Sprinkler Form Tank Plan […]

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Reduced Ignition Propensity Cigarette Program

Effective on January 1, 2009, the State of Delaware requires by law that any and all cigarettes sold in the State of Delaware be reduced ignition propensity cigarettes. The Delaware Office of the State Fire Marshal is responsible to administer and enforce this statute. Cigarettes offered for sale in this State shall be required to […]

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Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program

JFIP Mission Statement “To provide the youth of our communities, and their families, a fire safe environment, be it in the home, the school, or wherever they pursue their varied interests, through identification, education, and referrals, in an effort to deter future firesetting among our youth.” Danger Signals for Youth Firesetting Motives for Youth Firesetting […]

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Amusement Ride Permits

Amusement Ride Permit Memo to Owners/Operators Amusement Attraction Site Permit Application Amusement Ride Inspection Forms Regulation 704, Chapter 4 Amusement Ride Safety Electrical Inspection Agencies Amusement Ride Safety Inspection and Insurance Act/Delaware Code Title 16 Chapter 64

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Place of Assemblies & Special Permits

Regulations Regarding Licenses & Permits General Fire Safety Requirements Permit & Licensing Fees   Place of Assembly Licenses   Amusement Ride Permits   Haunted House Permits   Tent Permits   Blasting Explosive Use & Transportation   Fireworks Display Permits & Licensing

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