Office of the
State Fire Marshal

Site Plan Submittals

Is your site plan drawn to scale and does it include the following information?

  1. Name of the building or subdivision
  2. Plan date
  3. Full address
  4. Specific county’s planning department reference number
  5. Owner’s name and address
  6. Design Professional’s name and address
  7. Applicant’s name and address
  8. Intended use of building or buildings
  9. Name of water supplier
  10. Location of all fire hydrants
  11. Location and diameter of all water mains supplying fire protection water
  12. Maximum height of the building
  13. Proposed building construction
  14. Whether or not proposed building(s) will be protected by automatic sprinklers
  15. Location of any fire lanes, their markings, and their widths
  16. A plan note stating “All fire lanes, fire hydrants, and fire department connections shall be marked in accordance with the State Fire Prevention Regulations.”

Note: When submitted plans include a townhouse or row house configuration, the following additional information shall be included:

  1. A plan note stating how these townhouse or row house units are to separated
  2. A cross section plan of a fire barrier wall indicating its construction and hourly fire rating
  3. The above required fire barrier wall shall be listed by a testing laboratory meeting the requirements of Regulation 701, Chapter 5 of the Delaware State Fire Prevention Regulations, and such information shall be included on the plan.

Do you have the following items ready for submittal?

  1. Three (3) copies of your site plan
  2. Application for Fire Protection Plan Review
  3. $150.00 Site Plan Review Fee (check, money order, or cashier’s check made payable to State of Delaware) NO CASH

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