Effective immediately, no walk-in clients will be seen. Public access to this facility is now restricted. If you are submitting plans, fees, and/or any other paperwork, please sign in and leave them in the vestibule, and we will pick them up. Any questions, please contact 302-739-4394 Kent, 302-323-5365 New Castle, & 302-856-5298 Sussex. More Info

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Office of the
State Fire Marshal

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Public Relations

Our agency welcomes the opportunity to attend public events and promote services that are available to the citizens of Delaware. During the year, our agency is represented at many events throughout the State. From local fire department open houses, to health fairs, to arson prevention presentations; we are always willing to assist our community with […]

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Battery Operated Smoke Detectors

There are two types of smoke detector technologies available, ionization smoke detectors and photoetectric smoke detectors. Because there is no way to predict when a fire will start or the type of fire that may occur in your home, it is recommended that both (ionization and photoelectric) technologies be used in homes. Ionization smoke detectors […]

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Smoke Detectors

Battery Operated What is the Smoke Detector Law? Delaware Code, Title 16, Chapter 66, Section 6631 requires the installation of smoke detectors on EACH level of ALL one- and two-family dwellings, mobile homes, modular homes, and townhouses. This law required ALL residential occupancies to have the required smoke detection devices installed by July 1, 1994. […]

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Reduced Ignition Propensity Cigarette Program

Effective on January 1, 2009, the State of Delaware requires by law that any and all cigarettes sold in the State of Delaware be reduced ignition propensity cigarettes. The Delaware Office of the State Fire Marshal is responsible to administer and enforce this statute. Cigarettes offered for sale in this State shall be required to […]

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Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program

JFIP Mission Statement “To provide the youth of our communities, and their families, a fire safe environment, be it in the home, the school, or wherever they pursue their varied interests, through identification, education, and referrals, in an effort to deter future firesetting among our youth.” Danger Signals for Juvenile Firesetters Hyperactivity Playing with Fire […]

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Health Care Facility Inspections

By annual inspection and survey, the Office of the State Fire Marshal verifies that health care occupancies are in compliance with the State Fire Prevention Regulations. This also is in support of Department of Health and Social Service‚Äôs mission is to improve the quality of life for Delaware’s citizens “by protecting vulnerable populations.” Health care […]

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Day Care Facility Inspections

The Office of the State Fire Marshal conducts surveys, reviews and inspections to determine that Day Care facilities throughout the State are in compliance with State Fire Prevention Regulations. This is authorized by a request from the Office of Child Care Licensing (DSCYF) in order to meet their obligation to approve “providers” to operate Day […]

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Special Programs

Day Care Facility Inspections Health Care Facility Inspection Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program Reduced Ignition Propensity Cigarette Program Smoke Detectors Carbon Monoxide Detectors Public Relations

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