Office of the
State Fire Marshal

Building Plan Submittals

Is your building plan drawn to scale and does it include the following information?

  1. Name and address of the building
  2. Owner of the building
  3. Design Professional’s name and address, including stamp and signature
  4. Detailed construction information
  5. Full height cross section plan of building including all vertical openings, shafts, enclosures, etc.
  6. Detailed HVAC information, including size of AHU (tons or cfms) and fuel source (elec, gas, oil)
  7. Specific information on all means of egress components including clear widths, fire resistance rating, direction swing of doors, and locking mechanisms on exit doors
  8. Location of all “hazardous areas” as defined in the Life Safety Code, NFPA 101
  9. Floor plan of seats, tables, displays, decorations, etc. in all places of assembly which do not have fixed seating or displays
  10. Electrical plan including location of exit signs and emergency lighting when required
  11. Narrative description of proposed method for sealing penetrations of fire rated assemblies

Do you have the following items ready for submittal?

  1. For new buildings that will include automatic sprinklers, the Preliminary Sprinkler Form and applicable attachments are required to be submitted with building plans
  2. For installations of new fire pumps driven by an electric motor please refer to Electrical Plans for Fire Pumps. Approval documentation will need to accompany the building plan submittal.
  3. One (1) copy of your building construction plans. Narrative description of building occupancy and operations.
  4. Application for Fire Protection Plan Review
  5. Complete tax parcel number
  6. Please complete using the property, subdivision, or complex name that best identifies the property. When there are multiple buildings, please identify which building to be constructed.
  7. Building Plan Review Fee: For any project less than $21,428.57, a minimum $150.00 fee is required for plan submittal. Multiply the construction costs by $0.007 for the first million, and $0.003 over the first million. A check, money order, or cashier’s check is to be made payable to State of Delaware. NO CASH

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